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Putting the fun in Jewish *nope, doesn't make sense, I know*

Part of my job as a synagogue director is engagement. I am constantly looking for and thinking of ways I can engage each and every demographic within our congregation and we have many! We have the following subsets of Jews:

  • Queer Jews

  • Young Jewish Families

  • Jewish Artists

  • Jewish Writers

  • Jewish Teens

  • Jewish Children

  • Old Jews

  • Young Jews

  • Married Jews

  • College-aged Jews

  • Disabled Jews

And, as you can imagine, more (do Jewish dogs and cats count?). So how do I engage? How do I think of ways that will make them love being Jewish and want to come to shul? What brings everyone joy? What is accessible to all; but also what holds space for specific groups of people?

I do lots of things to provide opportunities but one thing that I've found everyone likes and brings a smile to their faces is the cheapest, easiest freebie ever: Shabbat candle matches.

I buy this for $24:

And these for $13:

I use Canva to create my images:

Honestly, they are my pride and joy.

Shabbat Shalom!

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