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Kitten Club

Our 12 year old is well into their B'rit Mitzvah prep and choosing a B'rit Mitzvah project was on their to-do list. I had mentioned maybe organizing an event to raise money for a shelter in our community. Maybe something that pertains to foster care. I had some great people-centered projects that would have been great.

"Nah. I want to do something with kittens."

Yeah, not surprised. I also knew that simply organizing a pet-supply drive would not cut it. I just knew there would be actual, fuzzy, adorable kittens involved. Sure enough, a few weeks later, we have foster kittens in the house.





Char has cleared a space in their room for a little enclosure for when they are out of the house. They clean their litter every day, stay on top of the kittens' feeding schedule and weigh them each night. In a couple weeks they will get spayed and neutered and we just happen to know some kitten-loving people who are already on the list to adopt these sweet things.

To be honest, it's not as much work or as much as in imposition as I was afraid it might be and it's zero cost to us (the organization we are fostering with supplies everything) and it's virtually no work for me.

They are tying it into the Jewish values of the fair and kind treatment of animals. Perfect.


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