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About Me

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Hey, I'm Ruthie.

My husband, myself, our six kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats live in Oregon and love it. 

I'm a freelance writer and social media manager both of which I love. I tend to find hobbies, obsess, go all-in and then lose interest. I've been a ceramicist, a book store owner, a peg-doll painter, a seamstress, a podcaster...and so much more. I like to stay busy and be creative!

We are an interfaith family which means I'm the one bringing Jewish practices to my kids. We attend services (sometimes), celebrate Jewish holidays, eat Jewish food, celebrate Shabbat and connect with Jewish friends through sleep away camp, BBYO, and family events. We are always learning.

I hope you find my stories, recipes, DIYs, and photos fun and relaxing and that you share back with me anything and everything <3 


Thanks for the message! You'll hear from me soon.

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