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Updated: Jul 5, 2023

After a super uncomfortable conversation (okay, it was an email exchange) with a friend I quit blogging. That was maybe 4 years ago? It was hard. Mostly because blogging was my creative outlet. I love writing and I love photography and together, they are the perfect recipe for a blog. I used to share about my kids: what they loved, what they said, what they wore. I shared about food: what we ate, what Dan cooked, where we loved going. I shared my beliefs: this is what got me in trouble. I really loved it. But my anxiety demanded that I step away, so I did. In fact, I deleted my entire blog. The hundreds and hundreds of hours I had spent writing, taking photos, editing, creating. I regretted it almost immediately and then I got busy. But *ta-da* I'm back. It looks a little different these days. My kids are old enough that they don't always love being photographed. They are more private and probably wouldn't appreciate me sharing their adorable outfits each day (oh my gosh, they used to look so fricken cute all the time). The world is a little scarier so less personal information will be shared. But it'll be fun, I promise.

We celebrate Shabbat and eat apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah and spin dreidels during Hanukkah. We recite the Shema and attend Nashira and the kids complain about too-long Passover seders. Oh, and this year we begin planning a B'rit Mitzvah. Things have changed for sure, but we feel like we're home.

So stay, please. It's not gonna all be Jewish stuff. We still love good food. We still love traveling and the beach and skateboarding and surfing. You'll see our dogs and cats and what my kids will let me share about them. I'll tell you about my favorite books and tv shows and anything exciting happening. If Dan's okay with it, I'll even share about him.

Humor me.

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