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Peachy Peach

Stone fruit is the best, isn't it? Give me a peach or a nectarine over blueberries or strawberries any day. The other day the 10 year old was exceptionally grouchy. She couldn't find anything she liked to eat (listen, I could go to every store in the state, buy every snack item available, and she would still say she didn't like anything we had), her little sister was bugging her, she didn't get to eat cotton candy at the fair...all morning long it went like this. So since I'm, like, a super amazing fun mom (lolololol) I said, "Olive, you've gotta stop. Let's just bake something yummy." I spoke her language.

Oh this? This is my great grandmother's recipe, in her own writing, that she brought over from Europe.

I'm kidding. I got this off of TikTok yesterday and I hate following a video recipe and pausing the video and then having my phone go dark then having to input my password and then pressing play... so I transcribed the recipe in these very precise, detailed instructions.

I'm not gonna lie, it turned out pretty delicious. We doubled the recipe. I will admit, it was a little too sweet and I 100% attribute that to Olive doing the measuring. For a girl who wants to go to culinary school, she doesn't really follow directions's like she's 10 or something.

Thanks, random TikTok creator.

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