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Gumbo is the perfect dinner for a cold winter night.

But it's not winter. It's literally 90 degrees in July. But guess what? Gumbo is fricken delicious any time of year. And Dan makes the best gumbo which I'm pretty sure is courtesy of Mr. Alton Brown.

We mix something like 3/4 C oil with 3/4 C flour and make a roux by baking it for a couple hours.

This is before we let it cook. Let it go in the oven until it's a deep red/brown color.

Chop up celery, onion and bell pepper and sauté that.

Add the garlic and some chicken broth.

Cook some chicken and andouille sausage. It calls for shrimp and shrimp broth but that's a hard no for me. Let that cook for a while. Dan adds some spices (I think some paprika and salt and pepper?).

Mmm doesn't that look delicious? I know it doesn't, okay? Stick with me.

Make some rice. My rice is never good and my kids always complain about it and I even make it in a rice cooker. Like...I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be fool proof. But anyway, make some white rice.

Spoon the gumbo over the rice.

It has the perfect amount of spiciness, is super filling, and easy to make.

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