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First Shabbat of July

Last night was our first Shabbat in July and I started, of course, by making challah!

I used the recipe that JewishlyLiz uses - it's in her highlights. Go check it out immediately.

I probably should have used a larger bowl...

I made the mistake of letting it rise for the second time on a cutting board (this was before it rose) and when I moved it to the baking tray it deflated a bit. I was so mad at myself!

But it turned out just fine.

I topped one with everything bagel seasoning and one with just salt (both with an egg wash). Did I accidentally forget the bagel seasoning and add it after it had been in the oven for 5 minutes? Yeah, I did. That's why it's not beautifully spread out on top. But ya know what? Even with all my mistakes, everyone in my family agreed that this recipe is the best they've had.

The kids love taking turns saying the prayers and this time O had the honor. we have these amazing prayer cards from Etsy that make it so easy for the kids to learn.

The kids eat Shabbat dinner early in the summer because if they wanted until the sun was down, they'd be starving. For them, it was easy - Costco chicken quesadillas! Listen, do you know how hard it is to find a dinner that six children all agree to eat?

(peep that cup I made in my pottery class)

The dogs chill by the dining room table waiting for handouts - the vet informed us that Pepper, the mini Aussie, is 3-4 lbs overweight and the girl embraces it.

Zissa, the German Shepherd mix, gets bullied by Pepper and rarely is the first for the scraps.

If she wasn't so annoying, I'd feel bad for her.

Later, we had friends over for dinner. My husband and his friends had crab and then we had ribs, orzo salad, caprese salad with burrata, kale salad and challah. We don't keep Kosher, okay? Especially since my husband isn't Jewish. But hey, we do what we can.

Shabbat Shalom!

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