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Easiest dinner ever: "tacos"

Okay, so I say "tacos" because while I may have thought my Safeway tortillas, envelope of taco seasoning and Pace salsa were considered tacos, I have had the true honor and privilege of eating actual authentic tacos and I must say: they taste nothing alike. I'm just really thankful for my Mexican friends who have shown me the light....

...but I have never claimed to be a chef or even a cook. It's bad, guys. But when I need to make something that tastes decent, the kids will eat and is easy to make, I get shaved beef from Trader Joes, some tortillas, cabbage, cotija, diced chilis, onions and avocados and throw it on the table. Oh, and I also sometimes branch out a bit and do coconut shrimp (I'm not Kosher, duh).

Oooh, but listen. I actually have grown a bit because I now know how to season the meat without the enveloped seasoning. Ka-ching.

I hope this recipe inspired you to cook an amazing meal for your family!

--- If I could insert an emoji, I'd do the crying laughing face. I'm not delusional. I know this isn't a recipe and I know it inspired exactly zero people. ---

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