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Camp Drop-Off

They did it, they finally got to camp. The 14 year old and the 12 year old could not have been more excited. They each had two bags and a comfort item (a stuff cat and then my younger one still sleeps with their baby blanket - and tbh, I'll cry the day they stop).

It took three hours and (almost) the entire time, L (the 14 year old) told C everything to expect. A new gym, a new pool area. The good food and the bad food. The color wars and Shabbat. Free time and cabin temperatures and the lake and overnight excursions. By the time they got there they were practically jumping out of the car.

It was busy. The program director greeted every camper, though, and gave us pretty specific instructions on where to put bags, where the nurse was to drop off medication and who their cabin counselor was. The staff (high school students mostly) cheered and waved when we arrived and it was super cute.

I demanded pictures and they were mortified. But dude, literally every mom took pictures! They're just lucky they have a mom with a stone-cold heart who doesn't cry over things like leaving her children for weeks...

They are going to have an absolute blast. C confessed they were pretty nervous. They've never stayed somewhere without me for longer than a week and even though they're incredibly mature and responsible and independent, they sure do like their mama. Fingers crossed.

While the two of them are on the coast at camp, we'll be busy too. I have job interviews (double fingers crossed please!), the kids have more birthdays to attend than they have friends it feels like, skateboard camp, a trip to my parents' house...and a lot of cleaning.

So wish us all luck!

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